Apple Distinguished School

Since 2013, we have been using Apple technology to enhance learning experience and teaching methodology; to promote creativity, collaboration and critical thinking; and to create learning innovations. Now, we are delighted to be recognized as an “Apple Distinguished School” for the years 2023 – 2026.

Assumption Convent Silom School is a primary Catholic school administered by the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres. Together with our dynamic teachers and supportive parents, our goal is to develop the full potential of the students in terms of morality and academics – to become good citizens in the future.

The idea for bringing technology into the school, both in teaching and in management, is in line with the school’s vision. It opens up a different learning dimension for the students to develop the skills needed for the 21st century. They learn to work individually or with others whereas the teachers facilitate and create opportunities for their studies.

Digital Platform Vision

Assumption Convent School Silom encourages its students to participate in the learning process to develop their information literacy, critical thinking, communication, creativity, problem solving, collaboration, digital and technology skills to create and produce a quality and authentic output.

To achieve our goals, the school has established a comprehensive plan by implementing technology in the classrooms. The materials and equipment are carefully prepared and put into practice. We organize a 1:1 learning program for the students in grades 3-6, transforming every classroom into a “Smart Classroom” which supports iPad, MacBook, Apple TV and iMac classroom device.


In learning, technology serves as a crucial part in delivering the lessons. Students do activities in their classroom, wherein they are exposed to the skills essential for a modern society; critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication, responsible for downloading applications that can be used by the students.

Our students gradually develop their ability to create digital creations. Using “Green Screen Application”, they can create a presentation piece in the English Lab. With the teacher’s supervision, the students carefully plan, practice, record, edit and present their masterpiece. In Music, there is an iMusic learning format. Students integrate theory and practice simultaneously. The students utilize the GarageBand application as an important tool. Despite using different applications, the school also encourages students to practice their skills by playing with real musical instruments.

As for other subjects, students learn in a variety of ways that match the nature of the subject. The students are involved in the learning process while the teacher’s role is to closely monitor, guide and motivate them. This reflects the school’s approach in teaching and learning that wants students to know how to learn and be able to study throughout their lives.

Our school has “Apple Distinguished Educators” and 100% Apple Teachers, who attend and share their knowledge and expertise in PLC or Professional Learning Community. In addition to that, they have been attending extensive trainings to produce fun-filled and meaningful student-centered activities.


Assumption Convent Silom School believes that technology plays an integral part for the 21st century learning process and for learners. It has a firm vision to develop the students’ full potential in all areas of life especially in preparing for digital citizenship. With that, our teachers and students utilize technology in teaching and in learning.

What’s Next

The school creates a strategic plan to develop the students’ potential in using technology. The plan’s emphasis is placed to give them more opportunities, to create innovations, and to expand their knowledge. Moreover, the school still needs to develop services in order to cater students, teachers and all involved parties for better, quality and authentic programs.

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